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Mattancherry, the western part of the corporation of Cochin, was once a bustling centre of trade, particularly in spices. Invasions from across the sea was frequent and the invaders left indelible marks on the landscape, culture, art and social history of the place.

Mattancherry welcomed every migrant community that came to her with warmth and provided them with ample opportunities to flourish. Thanks to the benevolence of the erstwhile kings of Cochin, many a community like that of Jews, Konkanis, Gujaratis, Jains and Marathis made the place their home.

Even today, Mattancherry has people of different tongues and ethnic identities. Churches, agraharams, mosques and a synagogue co-exist in the area, along with the buildings of the colonial era, pointing to a vibrant past and a harmonious present

Migrant Communities

Like in any other place in Kerala, people of various religious communities like Hindus, Muslims, Latin Christians and Syrian Christians co-exist in Mattancherry. 

Migrant communities such as Jews, Konkanis and Kutchi Muslims, though lesser in number, have also lived in Mattancherry for generations. These communities enhance the cosmopolitan ambience of Mattancherry.

  •  Jews in Kochi
  •  The Konkanis
  •  The Kutchi Muslims

Must sees in Mattancherry

  •  Church of Our Lady of Life
  •  Dutch Palace
  •  Paradesi synagogue
  •  Clock Tower
  •  Jew Town / Antique shops
  •  Jewish Cemetery
  •  The Spice Market
  •  Kochi Tirumala Devaswom Temple
  •  Jain Temple


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