Places to Visit

Guruvayoor Temple

Guruvayoor, the abode of Lord Sree Guruvayoorappan, is about 93 kilometers from Kochi. This narrow coastline strip of land on the south western edge of Indian subcontinent is one of the 10 paradises in the world.

The central shrine is believed to have been rebuilt in 1638 A.D. By then it had become the most famous center of pilgrimage in Kerala mainly due to the five devotees who propagated the glory - Poonthanam, Melpattur, Vilvamangalam, Kururamma and the Prince Manadevan (Zamorin).

By car it will take around 2.30 hours from Kochi.

The temple opens at 3.00 AM
The temple will be closed between 1.30PM and 4.30PM and will reopen at 4.30 PM
The Sreekovil will be closed at 9.15pm ​

Dress code

​Women can wear saris and girls can wear long skirt and blouses. shalwar kameez (chudidhar pyjamas) are also allowed.

For men, only mundu or veshti is allowed and pants or lungies are not allowed.

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