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Subhash Chandra Bose Park

Subhash Bose park and Children park are two major relaxation points in the heart of Kochi. Associated with Subhash Park, there is a solar project funded by the Government of Kerala. There is a straight entry from Subhash Park to the musical walkway and marine drive. Boating in the children park is awesome. The internal roads in the Children Park are designed in such a way that it creates awareness in children about traffic rules. There is traffic signaling and roads are marked with different names as in the real case, though it seems funny for adults. The train in the Park is very interesting for kids and it can be seen in many Malayalam movies(remember CID Moosa).

There is a number of small textiles shops near to the Park. Entry to the Subhash Park is free but there is a nominal charge for the entry to Children Park.Riverside Park hosts many events and it is very near to Durbar hall, the venue for big budget musical events in Kochi. The Transport bus stand and boat jetty separates the two parks. Roller skating track attracts students as well as adults. The parks will be arranged fully with lights during Christmas-New year period and the scene is simply superb. Subhash Park is maintained by the Corporation of Cochin.

Special Features :
Childrens park,Boating,Roller skating track,Childrens train

How to reach Subhash Bose park and Children park
By Road :

Buses are available from Ernakulam south. The park is about 4 km from Ernakulam South.

By Rail :
"The nearest railway station is Ernakulam South and the Park is about 4km from South station.

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